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Paragraphs in "Niue Treaty On Cooperation In Fisheries Surveillance And Law Enforcement In The South Pacific Region" coded as AMND

Label Provision
Art.12 Article XII
Art.12.1 1. Any Party may propose to the depositary an amendment to this Treaty, which shall be considered by the Parties at a meeting arranged in accordance with Article IX.
Art.12.2 2. The text of any amendments shall be adopted by unanimous decision of the Parties to the Treaty.
Art.12.3 3. Any amendment to this Treaty which is adopted by the Parties shall enter into force upon the receipt by the depositary of the instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval by all of the Parties, or on such later date as may be specified in the amendment.
Art.12.4 4. The depositary shall notify all of the Parties of the entry into force of an amendment.