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Paragraphs in "Niue Treaty On Cooperation In Fisheries Surveillance And Law Enforcement In The South Pacific Region" coded as DEFN

Label Provision
Art.1 Article 1
Art.1.1x In this Treaty:
Art.1.1x.a (a) "fishing" means:
Art.1.1x.a.i (i) searching for, catching, taking or harvesting fish;
Art.1.1x.a.ii (ii) attempting to search for, catch, take or harvest fish;
Art.1.1x.a.iii (iii) engaging in any other activity which can reasonably be expected to result in the locating, catching, taking or harvesting of fish;
Art.1.1x.a.iv (iv) placing, searching for or recovering fish aggregating devices or associated electronic equipment such as radio beacons;
Art.1.1x.a.v (v) any operations at sea directly in support of, or in preparation for any activity described in this paragraph;
Art.1.1x.a.vi (vi) use of any craft, air or sea borne, for any activity described in this paragraph except for emergencies involving the health and safety of the crew or the safety of a vessel;
Art.1.1x.a.vii (vii) the processing, carrying or transhipping of fish that have been taken.
Art.1.1x.b (b) "fishing vessel" means any boat, ship or other craft which is used for, equipped to be used for, or of a type normally used for fishing;
Art.1.1x.c (c) "foreign fishing agreement" means an agreement or arrangement authorizing or permitting foreign fishing vessels to fish in the exclusive economic zone or fisheries zone of any Party;
Art.1.1x.d (d) "foreign fishing vessel" in relation to a Party means a fishing vessel which is not part of the domestic fleet of that Party;
Art.1.1x.e (e) "South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency" means the Agency of that name established by the South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency Convention, 1979; and
Art.1.1x.f (f) "Subsidiary Agreement" means an agreement or an arrangement entered into by any two or more Parties in accordance with this Treaty.