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Paragraphs in "Agreement Establishing The Inter-American Institute For Global Change Research" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 The Parties,
Pre.2 RECOGNIZING that the long-term chemical, biological, and physical processes and cycles of the Earth system are undergoing continuous alteration that is both natural in origin and human-induced, in what is known as global change;
Pre.3 CONCERNED that our scientific knowledge of the earth system and our common understanding of the environmental, economic and social effects on development caused by these changes is incomplete;
Pre.4 AWARE that global change may affect the resources vital to the condition of human beings and other species;
Pre.5 CONSIDERING that policy makers are in need of accurate information and sound analyses concerning the causes and the physical, social, economic and ecological impacts of global change;
Pre.6 CONCERNED that research on global issues requires cooperation among research institutes, among states and among the different parts of the Inter-American region, and with regional and international global change research programs;
Pre.7 CONVINCED that national and global efforts to address these issues must be supplemented by regional cooperation among States; and
Pre.8 RECALLING that, in order to encourage such regional cooperation, the establishment of an Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research was initiated by the scientific community of the Americas at the 1990 White House Conference on Science and Economics Research Related to Global Change;
Pre.9 HAVE AGREED as follows: