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Paragraphs in "Agreement Establishing The Inter-American Institute For Global Change Research" coded as NATBF

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Art.9 Article IX Institute Research Centers
Art.9.1 1. Institute Research Centers shall be developed and designated by the Conference of the Parties only based upon proposals submitted by Parties interested in hosting such Centers in their own territory.
Art.9.2 2. Each Institute Research Center must have a long-term commitment to a program of research within the objectives of the Institute for which the Center shall be responsible to the Institute. Each Research Center shall present its long-range plans and annual program and budget to the Conference of the Parties for its approval, based on advice from the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Institute's needs to integrate the plans and programs of all of the Centers.
Art.9.3 3. The Institute Research Centers shall, inter alia:
Art.9.3.a a) Conduct and support in-house and extramural interdisciplinary global change research;
Art.9.3.b b) Collect data and promote the full, open and efficient exchange of data and information between the Institute and the Parties;
Art.9.3.c c) Strengthen capabilities and facilities of existing institutions;
Art.9.3.d d) Create regional capacity and provide advanced training in fields relevant to global change;
Art.9.3.e e) Participate ex-officio, through their respective Directors, in the meetings of the Conference of the Parties, the Executive Council and the Scientific Advisory Committee; and
Art.9.3.f f) Perform any other functions provided in this Agreement for the Institute Research Centers or entrusted to them by the Conference of the Parties.
Art.9.4 4. When deciding on the development or designation of an Institute Research Center, the Conference of the Parties shall take into account:
Art.9.4.a a) The need to achieve broad coverage of all biogeographically defined subregions of the Inter-American region;
Art.9.4.b b) The need to consolidate a regional network of research components focusing on the different areas of the Scientific Agenda of the Institute;
Art.9.4.c c) The ease of access to the site for visiting scientists and technicians;
Art.9.4.d d) The availability of logistics support including, inter alia, mail, telecommunications and housing;
Art.9.4.e e) The demonstrable interest of scientists and governments in conducting global change research and in cooperating with other institutions;
Art.9.4.f f) The existence of a scientific institution or nucleus at the site actively engaged, in whole or in substantive part, in global change research;
Art.9.4.g g) The likelihood of long-term stability of interest and support for the research objectives of the Institute;
Art.9.4.h h) The ability to contribute resources to the overall Institute through, interalia, areas of specialty, expertise and location;
Art.9.4.i i) The conditions offered by the proposing Parties regarding the open and efficient transfer of institute-related funds, of easy entry to and exit from the State for personnel and equipment which are properly accredited as being associated with the work of the Institute; and
Art.9.4.J j) The possibility of access to aggregate data bases and close proximity to more specialized research capabilities in subjects associated with global change and research training.