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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Protection Of The Black Sea Against Pollution" coded as NATBS

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Art.15 Article XV
Art.15.1 1. The Contracting Parties shall cooperate in conducting scientific research aimed at protecting and preserving the marine environment of the Black Sea and shall undertake, where appropriate, joint programmes of scientific research, and exchange relevant scientific data and information.
Art.15.2 2. The Contracting Parties shall cooperate in conducting studies aimed at developing ways and means for the assessment of the nature and extent of pollution and of its effect on the ecological system in the water column and sediments, detecting pollutes areas, examining and assessing risks and finding remedies, and in particular, they shall develop alternative methods of treatment, disposal, elimination or utilization of harmful substances.
Art.15.3 3. The Contracting Parties shall cooperate through the Commission in establishing appropriate scientific criteria for the formulation and elaboration of rules, standards and recommended practices and procedures for the prevention, reduction and control of pollution of the marine environment of the Black Sea.
Art.15.4 4. The Contracting Parties shall, inter alia, establish through the Commission and, where appropriate, in cooperation with international organizations they consider to be competent, complementary or joint monitoring programmes covering all sources of pollution and shall establish a pollution monitoring system for the Black Sea including, as appropriate, programmes as bilateral or multilateral level for observing, measuring, evaluating and analyzing the risks or effects of pollution of the marine environment of the Black Sea.
Art.15.5 5. When the Contracting Parties have reasonable grounds for believing that activities under their jurisdiction or control may cause substantial pollution or significant and harmful changes to the marine environment of the Black Sea, they shall, before commencing such activities, assess their potential effects on the basis of all relevant information and monitoring data and shall communicate the results of such assessments to the Commission.
Art.15.6 6. The Contracting Parties shall co-operate as appropriate, in the development, acquisition and introduction of clean and low waste technology, inter alia, by adopting measures to facilitate the exchange of such technology.
Art.15.7 7. Each Contracting Party shall designate the competent national authority responsible for scientific activities and monitoring.