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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Protection Of The Black Sea Against Pollution" coded as SBS

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Art.17 Article XVII
Art.17.1 1. In order to achieve the purposes of this Convention, the Contracting Parties shall establish a Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution, hereinafter referred to as "the Commission".
Art.17.2 2. Each Contracting Party shall be represented in the Commission by one Representative who may be accompanied by Alternate Representatives, Advisers and Experts.
Art.17.3.1x 3. The Chairmanship of the Commission shall be assumed by each Contracting Party, in turn, in the alphabetical order of the English language. The first Chairman of the Commission shall be the Representative of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Art.17.3.2x The Chairman shall serve for one year, and during his term he cannot act in the capacity of Representative of his country. Should the Chairmanship fall vacant, the Contracting Party chairing the Commission shall appoint a successor to remain in office until the term of its Chairmanship expires.
Art.17.4 4. The Commission shall meet at last once a year. The Chairman shall convene extraordinary meetings upon the request of any Contracting Party.
Art.17.5 5. Decisions and recommendations of the Commission shall be adopted unanimously by the Black Sea States.
Art.17.6 6. The Commission shall be assisted in its activities by a permanent Secretariat. The Commission shall nominate the Executive Director and other officials of the Secretariat. The Executive Director shall appoint the technical staff in accordance with the rules to be established by the Commission. The Secretariat shall be composed of nationals of all Black Sea States.
Art.17.6.ax The Commission and the Secretariat shall have their headquarters in Istanbul. The location of the headquarters may be changed by the Contracting Parties by consensus.
Art.17.7 7. The Commission shall adopt its Rules of Procedure for carrying out its functions, decide upon the organization of its activities and establish subsidiary bodies in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.
Art.17.8 8. Representatives, Alternate Representatives, Advisers and Experts of the Contracting Parties shall enjoy in the territory of the respective Contracting Party diplomatic privileges and immunities in accordance with international law.
Art.17.9 9. The privileges and immunities of the officials of the Secretariat shall be determined by agreement among the Contracting Parties.
Art.17.10 10. The Commission shall have such legal capacity as may be necessary for the exercise of its functions.
Art.17.11 11. The Commission shall conclude a Headquarters Agreement with the host Contracting Party.
Art.19 Article XIX
Art.19.1 1. The Contracting Parties shall meet in conference upon recommendation by the Commission. They shall also meet in Conference within ten days at the request of one Contracting Party under extraordinary circumstances.
Art.19.2 2. The primary function of the meetings of the Contracting Parties shall be the review of the implementation of this Convention and of the Protocols upon the report of the Commission.
Art.19.3 3. A non-Black Sea State which accedes to this Convention may attend the meetings of the Contracting Parties in an advisory capacity.
Art.20 Article XX
Art.20.1 1. Any Contracting Party may propose amendments to the articles of this Convention.
Art.20.2 2. Any Contracting Party to this Convention may propose amendments to any Protocol.
Art.20.3 3. Any such proposed amendment shall be transmitted to the depositary and communicated by it through diplomatic channels to all the Contracting Parties and to the Commission.
Art.20.4 4. Amendments to this Convention and to any Protocol shall be adopted by consensus at a Diplomatic Conference of the Contracting Parties to be convened within 90 days after the circulation of the proposed amendment by the depositary.
Art.20.5 5. The amendments shall enter into force 30 days after the depositary has received notifications of acceptance of these amendments from all Contracting Parties.
Art.26 Article XXVI
Art.26.1 1. At the request of a Contracting Party or upon a recommendation by the Commission, a Diplomatic Conference of the Contracting Parties may be convened with the consent of all Contracting Parties in order to adopt additional Protocols.
Art.26.2 2. Signature, ratification, acceptance, approval, accession to, entry into force, and denounciation of additional Protocol shall be done in accordance with procedures contained, respectively, in Articles XXVIII, XXIX, and XXX of this Convention.