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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Small Cetaceans Of The Baltic And North Seas" coded as DEFN

Label Provision
Art.1 1. Scope and interpretation
Art.1.1 1.1. This agreement shall apply to all small cetaceans found within the area of the agreement.
Art.1.2 1.2. For the purpose of this agreement:
Art.1.2.a (a) "Small cetaceans" means any species, subspecies or population of toothed whales Odontoceti, except the sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus;
Art.1.2.b (b) "Area of the agreement" means the marine environment of the Baltic and North Seas, as delimited to the north-east by the shores of the Gulfs of Bothnia and Finland; to the south-west by latitude 48° 30' N and longitude 5° W; to the north-west by longitude 5° W and a line drawn through the following points: latitude 60° N/ longitude 5° W, latitude 61° N/ longitude 4° W, and latitude 62° N/ longitude 3° W; to the north by latitude 62° N; and including the Kattegat and the Sound and Belt passages but excluding the waters between Cape Wrath and St Anthony Head;
Art.1.2.c (c) "Bonn Convention" means the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bonn 1979);
Art.1.2.d (d) "Regional Economic Integration Organization" means an organization constituted by sovereign States which has competence in respect of the negotiation, conclusion and application of international agreements in matters covered by this agreement;
Art.1.2.e (e) "Party" means a range State or any Regional Economic Integration Organization for which this agreement is in force;
Art.1.2.f (f) "Range State" means any State, whether or not a Party to the agreement, that exercises jurisdiction over any part of the range of a species covered by this agreement, or a State whose flag vessels, outside national jurisdictional limits but within the area of the agreement, are engaged in operations adversely affecting small cetaceans;
Art.1.2.g (g) "Secretariat" means, unless the context otherwise indicates, the Secretariat to this agreement.