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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Small Cetaceans Of The Baltic And North Seas" coded as SBS

Label Provision
Art.2 2. Purpose and basic arrangements
Art.2.1 2.1. The Parties undertake to cooperate closely in order to achieve and maintain a favourable conservation status for small cetaceans.
Art.2.2 2.2. In particular, each Party shall apply within the limits of its jurisdiction and in accordance with its international obligations, the conservation, research and management measures prescribed in the Annex.
Art.2.3 2.3. Each Party shall designate a Coordinating Authority for activities under this agreement.
Art.2.4 2.4. The Parties shall establish a Secretariat and an Advisory Committee not later that at their first Meeting.
Art.2.5 2.5. A brief report shall be submitted by each Party to the Secretariat not later than 31 March each year, commencing with the first complete year after the entry into force of the agreement for that Party. The report shall cover progress made and difficulties experienced during the past calendar year in implementing the agreement.
Art.2.6 2.6. The provisions of this agreement shall not affect the rights of a Party to take stricter measures for the conservation of small cetaceans.
Art.5 5. The Advisory Committee
Art.5.1 5.1. The Meeting of the Parties shall establish an Advisory Committee to provide expert advice and information to the Secretariat and the Parties on the conservation and management of small cetaceans and on other matters in relation to the running of the agreement, having regard to the need not to duplicate the work of other international bodies and the desirability of drawing on their expertise.
Art.5.2 5.2. Each Party shall be entitled to appoint one member of the Advisory Committee.
Art.5.3 5.3. The Advisory Committee shall elect a chairman and establish its own rules of procedure.
Art.5.4 5.4. Each Committee member may be accompanied by advisers, and the Committee may invite other experts to attend its meetings. The Committee may establish working groups.