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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment Of The Intergovernmental Organization For Marketing Information And Cooperation Services For Fishery Products In Africa" coded as ATTACH

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Art.5.2 2. The Host State shall make available to INFOPÊCHE, without charge, the premises required for its operation as described in Annex II to this Agreement.
Art.5.3 3. The Host State shall undertake to grant to INFOPÊCHE, to its premises, property, funds and assets, to the members of the Governing Council, to the Director and the staff of INFOPÊCHE and to the consultants, the privileges, immunities and facilities provided for in Article 12 and in Annex II to this Agreement.
Art.6.2 2. The original founding Member States of INFOPÊCHE shall be those States in Africa specified in Annex I to this Agreement which ratify or accede to this Agreement in accordance with Article 14, paragraphs 1 and 2.
Art.6.3 3. The Governing Council of INFOPÊCHE may, by a two-thirds majority of all its Member States, authorize any State not referred to in Annex I to this Agreement, which has submitted an application for membership, to accede to the Agreement as in force at the time of accession, in accordance with Article 14, paragraph 3.
Art.11.2 2. Member States undertake to pay annual contributions in freely convertible currencies to the regular budget of INFOPÊCHE. There shall be for each Member State a minimum contribution determined by the Governing Council. The Governing Council shall establish a scale of contributions, approved by unanimous vote, and taking account of GNP per capita of each Member State. The Host State is exempted from payment of any contribution for as long as it provides the services and covers the costs described in Section 1, Part B of Annex II. At each regular session, the Governing Council shall, by a majority of three-quarters of the Member States participating in the session, determine the regular budget for the following year.
Art.14.1 1. This Agreement shall be open for signature by the States in Africa listed in Annex I, in Abidjan, on 13 December 1991, and thereafter, at the Headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome until 31 December 1992. Such States that have signed the Agreement may become a party thereto by depositing an instrument of ratification. Such States that have not signed the Agreement may become a party thereto by depositing an instrument of accession.
Art.14.4 4. This Agreement shall enter into force, with respect to all States that have ratified it or acceded thereto, on the date when instruments of ratification or accession have been deposited by the Governments of at least five States listed in Annex I.
Art.18.1x.a (a) send certified copies of this Agreement to the Governments of the States listed in Annex I, and to any other government which so requests;
Art.18.1x.c (c) inform the States listed in Annex I and any State that has been admitted to membership of INFOPÊCHE of:
Art.18.1x.c.iv (iv) proposals for the amendment of this Agreement, and the adoption of amendments, in accordance with Article 15 and
Art.19.1x Annexes I and II shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement.