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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Populations of European Bats" coded as HOBS

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Art.5.1 1. There shall be periodic meetings of the Parties to this Agreement. The Government of the United Kingdom shall call the first meeting of the Parties to the Agreement not later than three years after the date of entry into force of the Agreement. The Parties to the Agreement shall adopt rules of procedure for their meetings and financial rules, including the provisions on the budget and the scale of contributions for the next financial period. Such rules shall be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the Parties present and voting. Decisions taken under the financial rules shall require a three-quarters majority of the Parties present and voting.
Art.5.2 2. At their meetings the Parties may establish such scientific and other working groups as they see fit.
Art.5.3 3. Any Range States or Regional Economic Integration Organisation not a Party to this Agreement, the Secretariat of the Convention, the Council of Europe in its capacity as the Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats and similar intergovernmental organisations may be represented by observers at meetings of the Parties. Any agency or body technically qualified in the conservation and management of bats may be represented by observers at meetings of the Parties unless at least one-third of the Parties present object. Only Parties may vote at meetings of the Parties.
Art.5.4 4. Except as provided for in paragraph 5 below, each Party to this Agreement shall have one vote.
Art.5.5 5. Regional Economic Integration Organisations which are Parties to this Agreement shall, in matters within their competence, exercise their right to vote with a number of votes equal to the number of their Member States which are Parties to the Agreement and present at the time of the vote. A Regional Economic Integration Organisation shall not exercise its right to vote if its Member States exercise theirs, and vice versa.