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Paragraphs in "Western Indian Ocean Tuna Organization Convention" coded as DISP

Label Provision
Art.18 Article 18
Art.18.1 1. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of this convention, if not settled by the parties or the Board shall be referred to an arbitration tribunal.
Art.18.2 2. The tribunal shall be composed of three persons:
Art.18.2.a (a) one person appointed by each party to the dispute;
Art.18.2.b (b) an independent chairman, appointed by the Board in consultation with the Parties to the dispute.
Art.18.3 3. In the event the Board determines that arrangements under paragraph 2 are impracticable, it shall appoint an independent person to establish the tribunal.
Art.18.4 4. (a) Unless the parties otherwise agree, the arbitration shall take place in a member country not party to the dispute.
Art.18.4.b (b) The applicable rules of procedure for the tribunal shall be those in force in the member country where the arbitration takes place.
Art.18.5 5. The decision of the tribunal shall be final and binding upon the parties to the dispute.