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Paragraphs in "Western Indian Ocean Tuna Organization Convention" coded as INFO

Label Provision
Art.5.7.b (b) provide a forum for Members to consult together on any matter of common concern in relation to fisheries;
Art.6.3.a (a) collect, analyse, evaluate and distribute to Members relevant information on matters including:
Art.6.3.a.i (i) statistics on the living marine resources of the region and in particular tune and tuna like species;
Art.6.3.a.ii (ii) fisheries management plans and procedures, legislation and agreements;
Art.6.3.a.iii (iii) prices, transport, processing and marketing of fish and fish products;
Art.6.3.a.iv (iv) fishing patterns and technology;
Art.6.3.a.v (v) fisheries surveillance and enforcement;
Art.6.3.b.i (i) technical advice and information;
Art.6.3.d (d) submit to the Committee an annual report, including audited financial statements, on the activities of the Organisation for the preceding year, and submit for approval a work programme and budget for the succeeding year;
Art.9.1 1. The Members shall, upon the request of the Secretariat, provide such available and accessible data and information as the Secretariat may need for the purposes of this Convention, including:
Art.9.1.a (a) copies of all relevant laws, regulations and administrative instructions, including those relating to the conservation and management of species covered by this Convention, and any amendment or repeal thereof;
Art.9.1.b (b) details on action taken with respect to decisions of the Committee.
Art.9.2 2 All information, data and reports submitted to the Organisation by the Members shall be treated as confidential and utilised solely for the official purposes of the Organisation.