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Paragraphs in "Convention On Environmental Impact Assessment In A Transboundary Context" coded as SBF

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Art.9 Article 9
Art.9.1x The Parties shall give special consideration to the setting up, or intensification of, specific research programmes aimed at:
Art.9.1x.a (a) Improving existing qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing the impacts of proposed activities;
Art.9.1x.b (b) Achieving a better understanding of cause-effect relationships and their role in integrated environmental management;
Art.9.1x.c (c) Analysing and monitoring the efficient implementation of decisions on proposed activities with the intention of minimizing or preventing impacts;
Art.9.1x.d (d) Developing methods to stimulate creative approaches in the search for environmentally sound alternatives to proposed activities, production and consumption patterns;
Art.9.1x.e (e) Developing methodologies for the application of the principles of environmental impact assessment at the macro-economic level. The results of the programmes listed above shall be exchanged by the Parties.