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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Ban Of The Import Into Africa And The Control Of Transboundary Movement And Management Of Hazardous Wastes Within Africa" coded as SBS

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Art.5 ARTICLE 5 Designation of Competent Authorities, Focal Point and Dumpwatch
Art.5.(1x) To facilitate the implementation of this Convention, the Parties shall:
Art.5.(1x).1 1. Designate or establish one or more competent authorities and one focal point. One competent authority shall be designated to receive the notification in case of a State of transit.
Art.5.(1x).2 2. Inform the Secretariat, within three months of the date of the entry into force of this Convention for them, which agencies they have designated as their focal point and their competent authorities.
Art.5.(1x).3 3. Inform the Secretariat, within one month of the date of decision, of any changes regarding the designations made by them under paragraph 2 above.
Art.5.(1x).4 4. Appoint a national body to act as a Dumpwatch. In such capacity as a Dumpwatch, the designated national body only will be required to co-ordinate with the concerned governmental and non-governmental bodies.
Art.12 ARTICLE 12 Liabilities and Compensation
Art.12.1x The Conference of Parties shall set up an ad hoc expert organ to prepare a draft protocol setting out appropriate rules and procedures in the field of liabilities and compensation for damage resulting from the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes.
Art.15 ARTICLE 15 Conference of the Parties
Art.15.1 1. A Conference of the Parties, made up of Ministers having the environment as their mandate, is hereby established. The first meeting of the Conference of the parties shall be convened by the Secretary General of the OAU not later than one year after the entry into force of this Convention. Thereafter, ordinary meetings of the Conference of the Parties shall be held at regular intervals to be determined by the Conference at its first meeting.
Art.15.2 2. The Conference of the Parties to this Convention shall adopt rules of procedure for itself and for any subsidiary body it may establish, as well as financial rules to determine in particular the financial rules to determine in particular the financial participation of the Parties to this Convention.
Art.15.3 3. The Parties to this Convention at their first meeting shall consider any additional measures needed to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities with respect to the protection and the preservation of the marine and inland waters environments in the context of this Convention.
Art.15.4 4. The Conference of the Parties shall keep under continued review and evaluation the effective implementation of this Convention, and in addition, shall:
Art.15.4.a (a) promote the harmonization of appropriate policies, strategies and measures for minimizing harm to human health and the environment by hazardous wastes;
Art.15.4.b (b) consider and adopt amendments to this Convention and its annexes, taking into consideration, inter alia, available scientific, technical, economic and environmental information;
Art.15.4.c (c) consider and undertake any additional action that may be required for the achievement of the purpose of this Convention in the light of experience gained in its operation and in the operation of the agreements and arrangements envisaged in Article 11 of this Convention;
Art.15.4.d (d) consider and adopt protocols as required;
Art.15.4.e (e) establish such subsidiary bodies as are deemed necessary for the implementation of this Convention; and
Art.15.4.f (f) make decisions for the peaceful settlement of disputes arising from the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, if need be, according to international law.
Art.15.5 5. Organizations may be represented as observers at meetings of the Conference of the Parties. Any body or agency, whether national or international, governmental or non-governmental, qualified in fields relating to hazardous wastes which has informed the Secretariat, may be represented as an observer at a meeting of the Conference of the Parties. The admission and participation of observers shall be subject to the rules of procedure adopted by the Conference of the Parties.
Art.20 ARTICLE 20 Settlement of Disputes
Art.20.1 1. In case of dispute between Parties as to the interpretation or application of, or compliance with, this Convention or any Protocol thereto, the Parties shall seek a settlement of the dispute through negotiations or any other peaceful means of their own choice.
Art.20.2 2. If the Parties concerned cannot settle their dispute as provided in paragraph 1 of this Article, the dispute shall be submitted either to an ad hoc organ set up by the Conference for this purpose, or to the International Court of Justice.
Art.20.3 3. The conduct of arbitration of disputes between Parties by the ad hoc organ provided for in paragraph 2 of this Article shall be as provided in Annex V of this Convention.