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Paragraphs in "International Convention On Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response And Cooperation" coded as FINPR

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Art.7 Article 7
Art.7.1 (1) Parties agree that, subject to their capabilities and the availability of relevant resources, they will co-operate and provide advisory services, technical support and equipment for the purpose of responding to an oil pollution incident, when the severity of such incident so justifies, upon the request of any Party affected or likely to be affected. The financing of the costs for such assistance shall be based on the provisions set out in the Annex to this Convention.
Art.7.2 (2) A Party which has requested assistance may ask the Organization to assist in identifying sources of provisional financing of the costs referred to in paragraph (1).
Art.7.3 (3) In accordance with applicable international agreements, each Party shall take necessary legal or administrative measures to facilitate:
Art.7.3.a (a) the arrival and utilization in and departure from its territory of ships, aircraft and other modes of transport engaged in responding to an oil pollution incident or transporting personnel, cargoes, materials and equipment required to deal with such an incident; and
Art.7.3.b (b) the expeditious movement into, through, and out of its territory of personnel, cargoes, materials and equipment referred to in subparagraph (a).