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Paragraphs in "Cooperation Agreement For The Protection Of The Coasts And Waters Of The North-East Atlantic Against Pollution" coded as DEFN

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Art.2 Article 2
Art.2.1x For the purposes of this Agreement: 'pollution incident' means an event or series of events having the same origin and resulting in a discharge or a danger of a discharge of hydrocarbons or other harmful substances which has occasioned or may occasion damage to the marine environment, the coast or the related interests of one or more of the Parties, and requiring emergency action or an immediate reaction of some other kind; 'hydrocarbons' means oil in all its forms in particular crude oil, fuel oil, muds, hydrocarbon residues and other refined products; 'other harmful substances' means all substances other than hydrocarbons, including harzardous waste, the release of which into the marine environment may be harmful to human health, ecosystems or living resources, coasts or the related interests of the Parties.