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Paragraphs in "Cooperation Agreement For The Protection Of The Coasts And Waters Of The North-East Atlantic Against Pollution" coded as DESCR

Label Provision
Pre.1 The Government Of The Kingdom Of Spain,
Pre.2 The Government Of The French Republic,
Pre.3 The Government Of The Kingdom Of Morocco,
Pre.4 The Government Of The Portuguese Republic,
Pre.5 The European Economic Community,
Pre.6 meeting in the Conference for the protection of the coasts and waters of the north-east Atlantic against pollution due to hydrocarbons and other harmful substances, held in Lisbon on 17 October 1990,
Pre.7 AWARE of the need to protect the human environment in general and the marine environment in particular;
Pre.8 RECOGNIZING that pollution of the north-east Atlantic Ocean by hydrocarbons and other harmful substances may threaten the marine environment in general and the interests of coastal States in particular;
Pre.9 NOTING that such pollution has many origins, but RECOGNIZING that special measures are necessary in the event of accidents and other pollution incidents caused by ships and fixed and floating platforms ;
Pre.10 CONCERNED to act promptly and effectively in the event of a pollution incident at sea which would endanger the coasts or the related interests of a coastal State, with a view to reducing the damage caused by such an incident;
Pre.11 STRESSING the importance of genuine preparation at national level to combat pollution incidents at sea;
Pre.12 RECOGNIZING MOREOVER that it is important that reciprocal assistance and international cooperation be instituted amongst States in order to protect their coasts and their related interests;
Pre.13 EMPHASIZING also the importance of measures taken individually and jointly in order to minimize the risks of pollution incidents at sea;
Pre.14 MINDFUL of the success of current regional agreements, and in particular of the action plan of the European Communities, the aim of which is to provide aid in the event of major marine pollution by hydrocarbons or other dangerous substances,
Pre.15 have designated their Plenipotentiaries, who, having exchanged their full powers, found in good and due form,