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Paragraphs in "Cooperation Agreement For The Protection Of The Coasts And Waters Of The North-East Atlantic Against Pollution" coded as FINAD

Label Provision
Art.15 Article 15
Art.15.1 1. Meetings of the Parties to this Agreement shall be held at regular intervals or at any time when, owing to special circumstances, it shall be decided to do so pursuant to the rules of procedure.
Art.15.2 2. In the course of their first meetings, the Parties shall draw up rules of procedure and financial regulations, which shall be adopted by a unanimous vote. 3. The depositary government shall convene the first meeting of the Parties as soon as possible following entry into force of this Agreement.
Art.21 Article 21
Art.21.1 1. Each Contracting Party shall contribute 2,5 % of the expenditure involved in the secretariat function for this Agreement as referred to in Annex 2.7. Two-thirds of the balance of this expenditure shall be covered by the depositary government, and the remaining third by the other States as follows: - the Kingdom of Spain: 40 %, - the French Republic: 40 %, - the Kingdom of Morocco: 20 %.
Art.21.2 2. The other functions of the Centre which are referred to in Annex 2 shall be covered as far as possible by voluntary contributions from the Parties, the amount of which shall be indicated at the meeting of the Contracting Parties.