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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Seals In The Wadden Sea" coded as DEFN

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Art.2 II. Definitions
Art.2.1x For the purpose of this Agreement:
Art.2.1x.a a) "seal" means an animal of the species Phoca vitulina;
Art.2.1x.b b) the "Agreement Area" means the area of water known as the Wadden Sea, including all sandbanks therein as well as all shore areas of the North Sea coasts of Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands between Blaavandshuk to the north and Den Helder to the west. The main ranges and the main migration routes are located in the Wadden Sea;
Art.2.1x.c c) "seal population" means all seals which, at any time, are present in the Agreement Area;
Art.2.1x.d d) "habitat" means any part of the Agreement Area which is essential to the maintenance of the vital biological functions of seals, including but not limited to breeding, whelping, nursing, feeding or resting;
Art.2.1x.e e) "Convention" means the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals signed at Bonn on 23 June 1979;
Art.2.1x.f f) the terms defined in Article I, sub-paragraphs 1 (a) to (d) and 1 (I) of the Convention shall have the same meaning in this Agreement.