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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Seals In The Wadden Sea" coded as IMPL

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Art.8 VIII. Pollution
Art.8.1x The Wadden Sea States are determined to do their utmost to further reduce pollution of the North Sea from whatever source with the aim of conserving and protecting the Agreement Area.
Art.8.2x To this end they shall:
Art.8.2x.a a) endeavour to identify the sources of such pollution;
Art.8.2x.b b) co-ordinate their research projects regarding seal diseases and the effects on the seal population of such substances, e. g. organochlorine compounds, heavy metals and oil, and agree on methods which permit a comparison of research results;
Art.8.2x.c c) monitor in the Agreement Area, in particular in seal tissues and in organisms which are preyed upon by seals, the levels of those substances which in the light of the results of research appear to play a major role in the conservation status of the seal population.
Art.10 X. Public Awareness
Art.10.1x The Parties shall take such measures as may be required to make the general public aware of the conservation status of the seal population, of the content and aims of this Agreement, and of the measures they have taken pursuant to this Agreement, including the Conservation and Management Plan, to improve this conservation status.