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Paragraphs in "First Arrangement Implementing The Nauru Agreement Setting Forth Minimum Terms And Conditions Of Access To The Fisheries Zones Of The Parties" coded as INFO

Label Provision
Art.2.1x.b.iv iv) The timely reporting to the competent authorities of required information concerning the entry, exit and other movement and act fishing vessels within the Fisheries Zones.
Art.2.1x.c.ii ii) The requirement to supply to the competent authorities complete catch and effort data for each voyage.
Art.2.1x.c.iii iii) The requirement to supply to the competent authorities such additional information as the Parties may determine to be necessary.
Art.4.1x The Parties shall seek the assistance of the South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency in establishing procedures and administrative arrangements for the exchange and analysis of:
Art.4.1x.a a. Statistical data concerning catch and effort by fishing vessels in the Fisheries Zones relating to the common stocks of fish.
Art.4.1x.b b. Information relating to vessel specifications and fleet composition.
Art.6.1x.a a. Arranging for the rapid exchange of information collected through national surveillance activities.