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Paragraphs in "First Arrangement Implementing The Nauru Agreement Setting Forth Minimum Terms And Conditions Of Access To The Fisheries Zones Of The Parties" coded as SECF

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Art.5 Article V
Art.5.1 1. The Parties shall seek the assistance of the South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency in providing secretariat services for implementing and coordinating the provisions of this Agreement.
Art.5.2 2. An annual meeting of the Parties shall be convened preceding or following the regular session of the Forum Fisheries Committee in order to promote the implementation of this Agreement. Additional meetings may be convened at the request of three or more Parties. Such requests shall be communicated to the Director of the Forum Fisheries Agency who will inform the other Parties.
Art.5.3 3. With the concurrence of the Parties, members of the South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency, not Parties to this Agreement, may attend - as observers -the meetings referred to in this Article.