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Paragraphs in "Agreement Creating The Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishing Organization" coded as DEPO

Label Provision
Art.27 Article 27 Depositing
Art.27.1 1. The original of the present Agreement and the Instruments of Ratification and Adherence to same, as well as all modifications to and claims thereon, shall remain deposited in the foreign department of the host country to the Organization's headquarters.
Art.27.2 2. The depositary shall inform the member states concerning:
Art.27.2.a A. All signatures to the present Agreement and the dates thereof;
Art.27.2.b B. The deposit of any Instruments of Ratification or Adherence and the dates involved;
Art.27.2.c C. The date on which the present Agreement enters into effect; and
Art.27.2.d D. Notification of any and all claims and the date same were received.
Art.28 Article 28 Registration of Agreement
Art.28.1x Once the present Agreement enters into force the depositary shall register same with the General Secretariat of the United Nations.
Art.32 Article 32 Claims
Art.32.1x Any State Party to the present Agreement may claim regarding same by means of a written notification made before the depositary, and such claim shall take effect as from December 31 of the year following the one in which it was made.