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Paragraphs in "Agreement Creating The Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishing Organization" coded as DESCR

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Pre.2 RECOGNIZING that coastal States have sovereign rights over all fishing resources, including species denominated as highly migratory, in the seas adjacent to and within 200 miles of their coastlines, for the benefit of their peoples and mainly for exploration and proper exploitation, conservation and management purposes;
Pre.3 AWARE that the conservation, protection and optimum utilization of highly migratory species should be the fundamental objective of any regional agreement on this matter;
Pre.4 BELIEVING that the purpose of optimum utilization of highly migratory species is to ensure that the maximum sustainable yield be produced by rational exploitation of same;
Pre.5 AWARE that the Eastern Pacific Coastal States have different degrees of tuna fishing development at different technical levels, and that it is therefore necessary to promote international cooperation leading to a strengthening of national capacities and the transfer of technology to countries requiring came in order to achieve harmonious development within the region;
Pre.6 RECOGNIZING that, in order to achieve these ends, it is necessary to establish a system of international cooperation in research, conservation, protection and optimum utilization of the tuna fish in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, under an international agreement;
Pre.7 BEARING IN MIND that the tuna species are highly migratory and cover a wide haunt in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and that, as a result, in order to ensure their conservation and to control their exploitation it is necessary to create a regional organization which, for this purpose and based on the sovereign rights of maritime states, shall comprise an integrated body of all members, empowered to take decisions by consensus;
Pre.8 CONVINCED that the International Agreement's area of application should of necessity be that of the haunts of the highly migratory species found in the Eastern Pacific;
Pre.9 EMPHASIZING the joint purpose of the Latin American Fisheries Development Organization - OLDEPESCA, and of the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific - CPPS, to achieve promptly a valid International Agreement guaranteeing conservation, protection and optimum utilization of tuna in the Eastern Pacific;
Pre.10 RECOGNIZING that the present Agreement does not prejudge nor affect the position maintained by the States parties hereto regarding matters arising from the Law of the Seas;
Pre.11 BEARING IN MIND the principles and norms of Ocean Rights relating to the management and conservation of live resources, including highly migratory species;
Pre.12 BASED on the fourteen (14) Fundamental Principles approved by the Working Group on Regional Coordination for benefitting fully from tuna resources, at its first Extraordinary Meeting held in Mexico City in February 1964, and which form an integral part of the present Agreement, the text of which in attached (1);
Pre.13 Have agreed the following: