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Paragraphs in "Agreement Creating The Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishing Organization" coded as INFO

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Art.2.2 2. Moreover, the Organization shall adopt measures for training of human resources and transfer of technology and developing fishing capacity and infrastructure for tuna harvesting processing and research by disadvantaged Latin American Eastern Pacific Coastal States members of the present Organization, which have not yet been able to achieve reasonable benefit from said resources.
Art.4.2 2. The Eastern Pacific coastal States Parties to the present Agreement shall provide the Organization's Secretariat with the outer limits of the high seas adjacent to their coasts up to 200 miles from the continental or insular coastlines of said States.
Art.11.5 5. Through the Executive Secretary to request from members of the Organization the scientific and statistical information it requires, keeping confidential matter as such and as it is provided.
Art.11.6 6. Compile and maintain statistics and records, and to publish or divulge reports and material regarding species covered by the Agreement.
Art.13.3 3. The Research Coordinator shall submit to the Executive Secretary the nomination of scientific personnel required to carry out properly the Organization's functions, as well as their replacement. To this end the Governing Board's standards and procedures will be taken into consideration and where possible an equitable geographical distribution will be applied.
Art.15.6 6. Submitting a proposal of a draft agenda for Governing Board Meetings and convening same, bearing in mind the proposals of Member States.
Art.16.5 5. Based on the bent available scientific evidence and on recommendations supplied by the Scientific Committee, each coastal state shall annually determine and inform the Organization sixty (60) days before the Governing Board's Ordinary Meeting, of the volume of concentration of each species covered by the Agreement in the seas adjacent to and within 200 miles of its coastline, the national permissible fishing quota and the surpluses of said quota that may be made available giving priority to vessels of other States Parties hereto, under issue of the respective fishing permits, and only if said vessels cannot or do not wish to acquire said national permits may the respective coastal state negotiate its surplus to third party non-member states, issuing them national fishing permits.
Art.16.7 7. The coastal states shall inform the Executive,Secretary of the fishing permits or licences granted to domestic as well as foreign vessels, through national official channels and in accordance with their domestic laws.
Art.16.8 8. The Secretariat shall disseminate ample information on the availability of such surpluses among the fishing enterprises o f the member states who may be interested in this catch and, before the fishing season opens, shall sponsor arrangements to facilitate the granting of the appropriate permits or licences by the coastal state in question.
Art.17.1 1. Domestic or international permits or licences granted pursuant to paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 5 of Article 16, shall be registered in a fishing access record form to be provided by the Executive Secretary to such vessels as set out on fishing activities within the Agreement's area of application, in portions of which said permits or licences are applicable. Said records shall be annual and should be used for each open fishing season.
Art.18 Article 18 Fixing Fishing Season Dates
Art.18.1.bx The Executive Secretary shall notify Member States of the opening and closing dates of each fishing season.
Art.19.1x The States Parties shall inform the Secretariat of the features of their nation's fishing vessels, registration numbers, including fishing tackle and methods, names of shipowner or captain or coxswain when said vessels are engaged in fishing species indicated in Attachment (2) within the present Agreement's area of application. Moreover, the Secretariat shall be notified of any change in said information.
Art.20.1 1. The Secretariat shall keep a fisheries catch register. To this end, the States Parties hereto shall make quarterly reports to the Secretariat of the appropriate data concerning tuna fishing activities carried out in this Agreement's area of application, including information regarding species caught, place and volume of catch. Likewise, the Coastal Member States shall report on fishing permits or licences granted for fishing surpluses.
Art.20.2 2. The Secretariat, through competent international bodies and in collaboration with States Parties hereto shall endeavour to obtain the most complete and reliable information possible on volumes and amounts of fish of the species regulated by the present Agreement, in its area of application as well as in other fishing areas.
Art.21.1 1. The Executive Secretary shall promptly inform each State Party hereto, of the names of the vessels to which fishing access record forms have been issued, as well as the seas within 200 miles of the coastlines of coastal States Parties in which said permits are valid.
Art.21.4.a A. As soon as any enforcement or supervision measure be taken, immediately notify the State under whose flag the vessel operates, through diplomatic channels, as well as the Executive Secretary.
Art.22.3 3. At the end of each year, Member States shall inform the Organization through its Secretariat of the number and nature of measures they have adopted within the Agreement's area of application.