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Paragraphs in "Agreement Creating The Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishing Organization" coded as MEMB

Label Provision
Art.3 Article 3 Members
Art.3.1 1. The members of the Organization shall comprise Eastern Pacific Coastal Nations which sign and ratify the present Agreement.
Art.3.2 2. The present Agreement shall be open to adherence by other States whose vessels have fished the species listed in Attachment 2, and within the area of application.
Art.3.3 3. The Organization's Governing Board shall approve the admission of other members through adherence to the Agreement, respecting the principle of saturation fishing.
Art.26 Article 26 Signature, Ratification and Adherence
Art.26.1x The present Agreement shall be open for signature, ratification and adherence according to the terms set out in Article 3. Adherence to the Agreement implies the adoption of the Governing Board's decisions which are valid on that date.
Art.31 Article 31 Amendments
Art.31.1 1. Any State Party hereto may propose amendments to the present Agreement. For consideration of same it is necessary for at least four (4) States Parties hereto to request the convening of a special meeting open to the participation by all member states. Approval of amendments shall be subject to the terms of Article 10 according to the subject matter thereof.
Art.31.2 2. The Organization's Secretariat shall remit to the member states the proposed amendments which have been presented, and shall convene the special meeting referred to in the preceding paragraph.
Art.31.3 3. Approved amendments shall be subject to ratification and shall enter into force in accordance with the prerequisites fixed by the Governing Board for same.