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Paragraphs in "Agreement Creating The Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishing Organization" coded as SOVR

Label Provision
Pre.2 RECOGNIZING that coastal States have sovereign rights over all fishing resources, including species denominated as highly migratory, in the seas adjacent to and within 200 miles of their coastlines, for the benefit of their peoples and mainly for exploration and proper exploitation, conservation and management purposes;
Pre.10 RECOGNIZING that the present Agreement does not prejudge nor affect the position maintained by the States parties hereto regarding matters arising from the Law of the Seas;
Art.4.1 1. The area of application of the Agreement will be that in the Eastern Pacific Ocean through which the species specified in Attachment (2) roam both within the sea adjacent to and within 200 miles of the coasts of continental and island territories of the States Parties; the latter area understood to be those having coasts directly on the ocean as well as on the areas of high seas adjacent to such zones, up to the meridian 145o longitude West without detriment to the rights of sovereignty and jurisdiction enjoyed by the coastal State located in said 200 miles zones.
Art.16.1 1. It is the exclusive right of the coastal states to grant permits or licences for fishing the seas adjacent to and within 200 miles of their coasts.
Art.22.2 2. The States Parties hereto shall in this respect apply legal measures and regulations established at domestic level for exercising their sovereign rights over the exploration, exploitation, conservation and management of species set out in Attachment (2) in the seas adjacent to and within 200 miles of coastal States pursuant to the international Law of the Seas.
Art.35.1x The present Agreement does not prejudge, affect nor modify the positions that the States Parties hereto maintain with respect to the law of the seas, their sovereignty nor their sovereign rights and jurisdiction over their territorial waters.