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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Control Of Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Wastes And Their Disposal" coded as NATBS

Label Provision
Art.5 Article 5
Art.5.0x To facilitate the implementation of this Convention, the Parties shall:
Art.5.1 1. Designate or establish one or more competent authorities and one focal point. One competent authority shall be designated to receive the notification in case of a State of transit.
Art.5.2 2. Inform the Secretariat, within three months of the date of the entry into force of this Convention for them, which agencies they have designated as their focal point and their competent authorities.
Art.5.3 3. Inform the Secretariat, within one month of the date of decision, of any changes regarding the designation made by them under paragraph 2 above.