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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Flood Warning For The Catchment Basin Of The Mosel" coded as HOBF

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Art.5 Article S
Art.5.1x A Technical Committee shall be established, composed of representatives of the following authorities:
Art.5.2x In the case of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany:
Art.5.3x The South-West Regional Office for Navigable Waterways and Navigation at Mainz;
Art.5.4x The Office for the Management of Waterways of Rheinland-Pfalz;
Art.5.5x The Office for the Protection of the Environment - Nature Conservation and Water Management - of the Saarland.
Art.5.6x In the case of the Government of the French Republic:
Art.5.7x The Department of Navigation at Nancy, in the case of the Moselle, and the Department of Navigation at Strasbourg, in the case of the Saar.
Art.5.8x In the case of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:
Art.5.9x The Department of Navigation of the Ministry of Transport and the Waterways Division of the Highways Administration.
Art.5.10x The Committee shall meet as necessary at the request of one of the authorities. It may decide to hold periodic meetings.
Art.5.11x The Committee shall work out the details necessary for the implementation of this Agreement in a technical report.
Art.5.12x The Committee shall also be responsible for managing the automatic information system for reporting water levels in the Moselle basin which is the subject of this Agreement. The Committee may, with a view to improving the system, decide, inter alia, to:
Art.5.13x Update the technical report;
Art.5.14x Modify the equipment or add additional equipment;
Art.5.15x Delegate some of its responsibilities to one or more of the authorized persons referred to in article 4;
Art.5.16x Move or reconstruct one or more of the water-level measurement transmission stations.
Art.5.17x The Committee may also submit to the Governments proposals going beyond the tasks specified above, in particular, with respect to the transmission of additional information from existing installations.
Art.5.18x The decisions of the Committee shall be unanimous. Its decisions shall be binding on the Contracting Parties only in respect of the areas of competence of the responsible administrative authorities, particularly with respect to budgetary matters.