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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Flood Warning For The Catchment Basin Of The Mosel" coded as INFO

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Art.1.1x The Parties to this Agreement agree to install an automatic information system to report water levels in the Moselle basin. This purpose of this system is to improve flood warnings along the Moselle and Saar Rivers, particularly along their downstream sections.
Art.5.17x The Committee may also submit to the Governments proposals going beyond the tasks specified above, in particular, with respect to the transmission of additional information from existing installations.
Art.6.4x If one of the authorities designated in article 5 notes that the remote data transmission system is malfunctioning, it shall so inform the other authorities concerned without delay. The modalities for the transmission of this information shall be worked out by the Technical Committee.
Art.6.5x The Departments of Navigation at Nancy and at Strasbourg shall, in so far as they are able, report any development likely to alter or to affect the measured readings, shall correct the defective data as soon as possible and shall report any data missing from the series of measurements.
Art.8.1x The Contracting Parties shall endeavour to improve the flood warning sytem for the Moselle and Saar Rivers by devising their own mathematical models for forecasting flooding and by exchanging information on any models which may be established in the future.