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Paragraphs in "Protocol I To The South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty" coded as ATTACH

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Art.8.2.b (b) consultations as provided for in Article 10 and Annex 4 (1);
Art.8.2.c (c) the application to peaceful nuclear activities of safeguards by the IAEA as provided for in Annex 2;
Art.8.2.d (d) a complaints procedure as provided for in Annex 4.
Art.9.3 3. The Director shall report annually to the South Pacific Forum on the status of this Treaty and matters arising under or in relation to it, incorporating reports and communications made under paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article and matters arising under Articles 8 (2)(d) and 10 and Annex 2 (4).
Art.10.1x Without prejudice to the conduct of consultations among Parties by other means, the Director, at the request of any Party, shall convene a meeting of the Consultative Committee established by Annex 3 for consultation and co-operation on any matter arising in relation to this Treaty or for reviewing its operation.
Art.12.3 3. If a Member of the South Pacific Forum whose territory is outside the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone becomes a Party to this Treaty, Annex 1 shall be deemed to be amended so far as is required to enclose at least the territory of that Party within the boundaries of the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone. The delineation of any area added pursuant to this paragraph shall be approved by the South Pacific Forum.