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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Protection Of The Natural Resources And Environment Of The South Pacific Region" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 The Parties,
Pre.2 Fully aware of the economic and social value of the natural resources of the environment of the South Pacific Region;
Pre.3 Taking into account the traditions and cultures of the Pacific people as expressed in accepted customs and practices;
Pre.4 Conscious of their responsibility to preserve their natural heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations;
Pre.5 Recognizing the special hydrological, geological and ecological characteristics of the region which requires special care and responsible management;
Pre.6 Recognizing further the threat to the marine and coastal environment, its ecological equilibrium, resources and legitimate uses posed by pollution and by the insufficient integration of an environmental dimension into the development process;
Pre.7 Seeking to ensure that resource development shall be in harmony with the maintenance of the unique environmental quality of the region and the evolving principles of sustained resource management;
Pre.8 Realizing fully the need for co-operation amongst themselves and with competent international, regional and sub-regional organizations in order to ensure a co- ordinated and comprehensive development of the natural resources of the region;
Pre.9 Recognizing the desirability for the wider acceptance and national implementation of international agreements already in existence concerning the marine and coastal environment;
Pre.10 Noting, however, that existing international agreements concerning the marine and coastal environment do not cover, in spite of the progress achieved, all aspects and sources of marine pollution and environmental degradation and do not entirely meet the special requirements of the South Pacific Region;
Pre.11 Desirous to adopt the regional convention to strengthen the implementation of the general objective of the Action Plan for Managing the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region adopted at Rarotonga, Cook Islands, on 11 March 1982;
Pre.12 Have agreed as follows: