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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Protection Of The Natural Resources And Environment Of The South Pacific Region" coded as INFO

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Art.3.1x Any Party may add areas under its jurisdiction within the Pacific Ocean between the Tropic of Cancer and 60 degrees South latitude and between 130 degrees East longitude and 120 degrees West longitude to the Convention Area. Such addition shall be notified to the Depositary who shall promptly notify the other Parties and the Organisation. Such areas shall be incorporated within the Convention Area ninety days after notification to the Parties by the Depositary provided there has been no objection to the proposal to add new areas by any Party affected by that proposal. If there is any such objection the Parties concerned will consult with a view to resolving the matter.
Art.4.1 1. The Parties shall endeavour to conclude bilateral or multilateral agreements, including regional or sub- regional agreements, for the protection, development and management of the marine and coastal environment of the Convention Area. Such agreements shall be consistent with this Convention and in accordance with international law. Copies of such agreements shall be communicated to the Organisation and through it to all Parties to this Convention.
Art.14.1x The Parties shall, individually or jointly, take all appropriate measures to protect and preserve rare or fragile ecosystems and depleted, threatened or endangered flora and fauna as well as their habitat in the Convention Area. To this end, the Parties shall, as appropriate, establish protected areas, such as parks and reserves, and prohibit or regulate any activity likely to have adverse effects on the species, ecosystems or biological processes that such areas are designed to protect. The establishment of such areas shall not affect the rights of other Parties or third States under international law. In addition, the Parties shall exchange information concerning the administration and management of such areas.
Art.15.2 2. When a Party becomes aware of a case in which the Convention Area is in imminent danger of being polluted or has been polluted, it shall immediately notify other countries and territories it deems likely to be affected by such pollution, as well as the Organisation. Furthermore it shall inform as soon as feasible, such other countries and territories and the Organisation of any measures it has itself taken to reduce or control pollution or the threat thereof.
Art.16.3.a (a) public comment according to its national procedures;
Art.16.3.b (b) other Parties that may be affected to consult with it and submit comments.
Art.16.4x The results of these assessments shall be communicated to the Organisation, which shall make them available to interested Parties.
Art.17.1 1. The Parties shall co-operate, either directly or with the assistance of competent global, regional and sub- regional organisations, in scientific research, environmental monitoring, and the exchange of data and other scientific and technical information related to the purposes of the Convention.
Art.19.1x The Parties shall transmit to the Organisation information on the measures adopted by them in the implementation of this Convention and of Protocols to which they are Parties, in such form and at such intervals as the Parties may determine.
Art.21.1.b (b) to transmit to the Parties notifications, reports and other information received in accordance with this Convention and its Protocols;
Art.21.1.i (i) to transmit to the South Pacific Conference and the South Pacific Forum the reports of ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Parties.