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Paragraphs in "Convention On Assistance In The Case Of A Nuclear Accident Or Radiological Emergency" coded as DESCR

Label Provision
Pre.2 AWARE that nuclear activities are being carried out in a number of States,
Pre.3 NOTING that comprehensive measures have been and are being taken to ensure a high level of safety in nuclear activities, aimed at preventing nuclear accidents and minimizing the consequences of any such accident, should it occur,
Pre.4 DESIRING to strengthen further international co-operation in the safe development and use of nuclear energy,
Pre.5 CONVINCED of the need for an international framework which will facilitate the prompt provision of assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency to mitigate its consequences,
Pre.6 NOTING the usefulness of bilateral and multilateral arrangements on mutual assistance in this area,
Pre.7 NOTING the activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency in developing guidelines for mutual emergency assistance arrangements in connection with a nuclear accident or radiological emergency,
Pre.8 HAVE AGREED as follows: