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Paragraphs in "Convention On Assistance In The Case Of A Nuclear Accident Or Radiological Emergency" coded as INFO

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Art.2.2x A State Party requesting assistance shall specify the scope and type of assistance required and, where practicable, provide the assisting party with such information as may be necessary for that party to determine the extent to which it is able to meet the request. In the event that it is not practicable for the requesting State Party to specify the scope and type of assistance required, the requesting State Party and the assisting party shall, in consultation, decide upon the scope and type of assistance required.
Art.2.3x Each State Party to which a request for such assistance is directed shall promptly decide and notify the requesting Slate Party, directly or through the Agency, whether it is in a position to render the assistance requested, and the scope and terms of the assistance that might be rendered.
Art.2.4x States Parties shall, within the limits of their capabilities, identify and notify the Agency of experts, equipment and materials which could be made available for the provision of assistance to other States Parties in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency as well as the terms, especially financial, under which such assistance could be provided.
Art.2.6x.b b. transmitting promptly the request to other States and international organizations which, according to the Agency's information, may possess the necessary resources; and
Art.5.1x.a a. collect and disseminate to States Parties and Member States information concerning:
Art.5.1x.b.ii ii. developing appropriate training programmes for personnel to deal with nuclear accidents and radiological emergencies;
Art.5.1x.b.iii iii. transmitting requests for assistance and relevant information in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency;
Art.5.1x.c c. make available to a State Party or a Member State requesting assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency appropriate resources allocated for the purpose of conducting an initial assessment of the accident or emergency;
Art.5.1x.e e. establish and maintain liaison with relevant international organizations for the purposes of obtaining and exchanging relevant information and data, and make a list of such organizations available to States Parties, Member States and the aforementioned organizations.
Art.6.1 1. The requesting State and the assisting party shall protect the confidentiality of any confidential information that becomes available to either of them in connection with the assistance in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency. Such information shall be used exclusively for the purpose of the assistance agreed upon.
Art.6.2 2. The assisting party shall make every effort to coordinate with the requesting State before releasing information to the public on the assistance provided in connection with a nuclear accident or radiological emergency.