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Paragraphs in "Convention On Early Notification Of A Nuclear Accident" coded as SCOP

Label Provision
Art.1 Article 1
Art.1.1 1. This Convention shall apply in the event of any accident involving facilities or activities of a State Party or of persons or legal entities under its jurisdiction or control, referred to in paragraph 2 below, from which a release of radioactive material occurs or is likely to occur and which has resulted or may result in an international transboundary release that could be of radiological safety significance for another State.
Art.1.2 2. The facilities and activities referred to in paragraph 1 are the following:
Art.1.2.a a. any nuclear reactor wherever located;
Art.1.2.b b. any nuclear fuel cycle facility;
Art.1.2.c c. any radioactive waste management facility;
Art.1.2.d d. the transport and storage of nuclear fuels or radioactive wastes;
Art.1.2.e e. the manufacture, use, storage, disposal and transport of radioisotopes for agricultural, industrial, medical and related scientific and research purposes; and
Art.1.2.f f. the use of radioisotopes for power generation in space objects.