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Paragraphs in "European Convention For The Protection Of Vertebrate Animals Used For Experimental And Other Scientific Purposes" coded as ATTACH

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Art.5.1 1. Any animal used or intended for use in a procedure shall be provided with accommodation, an environment, at least a minimum degree of freedom of movement, food, water and care, appropriate to its health and well-being. Any restriction on the extent to which an animal can satisfy its physiological and ethological needs shall be limited as far as practicable. In the implementation of this provision, regard should be paid to the guidelines for accommodation and care of animals set out in Appendix A to this Convention.
Art.28.1 1. Subject to requirements of national legislation relating to secrecy and confidentiality, each Party shall communicate every year to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe information in respect of the items mentioned in paragraph 2 of Article 27, presented in the form set out in Appendix B to this Convention.