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Paragraphs in "ASEAN Agreement On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources" coded as GOAL

Label Provision
Pre.1 The Government of Brunei Darussalam,
Pre.2 The Government of the Republic of Indonesia,
Pre.3 The Government of Malaysia,
Pre.4 The Government of the Republic of the Philippines
Pre.5 The Government of the Republic of Singapore and
Pre.6 The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand,
Pre.7 Member States of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) :
Pre.8 RECOGNIZING the importance of natural resources for present and future generations;
Pre.9 CONSCIOUS of their ever-growing value from a scientific, cultural, social and economic point of view;
Pre.10 CONSCIOUS also that the inter-relationship between conservation and socioeconomic development implies both that conservation is necessary to ensure sustainability of development, and that socioeconomic development is necessary for the achievement of conservation on a lasting basis;
Pre.11 RECOGNIZING the interdependence of living resources, between them and with other natural resources, within ecosystems of which they are part;
Pre.12 WISHING TO UNDERTAKE individual and joint action for the conservation and management of their living resources and the other natural elements on which they depend;
Pre.13 RECOGNIZING that international co-operation is essential to attain many of these goals;
Pre.14 CONVINCED that an essential means to achieve such concerted action is the conclusion and implementation of a. Agreement;
Pre.15 Have agreed as follows :
Art.1.1 (1) The Contracting Parties, within the frame- work of their respective national laws, under- take to adopt singly, or where necessary and appropriate through concerted action, the measures necessary to maintain essential ecological process and life-support systems, to preserve genetic diversity, and to ensure the sustainable utilization of harvested natural resources under their jurisdiction in accordance with scientific principles and with a view to attaining the goal of sustainable development.
Art.1.2 (2) To this end they shall develop national conservation strategies, and shall co-ordinate such strategies within the framework of a conservation strategy for the Region.