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Paragraphs in "ASEAN Agreement On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources" coded as

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Art.22.1x.b (b) to convene diplomatic conferences for the purpose of adopting Protocols;
Art.22.1x.c (c) to transmit to the Contracting Parties notifications, reports and other information received in accordance with this Agreement;
Art.22.1x.d (d) to consider inquiries by, and information from, the Contracting Parties, and to consult with them on questions relating to this Agreement.
Art.22.1x.e (e) to perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Contracting Parties;
Art.22.1x.f (f) to ensure the necessary coordination with other competent international bodies and in particular to enter into the such administrative arrangements as may be required for the effective discharge of the secretariat functions.
Art.23 ARTICLE 23
Art.23.1x In order to facilitate communications with other Parties and the Secretariat, the Contracting Parties shall designate an appropriate national agency or institution responsible for coordinating matters arising from consultations and channeling communications between Contracting Parties or with the Secretariat.
Art.24 ARTICLE 24
Art.24.1 (1) The Contracting Parties shall cooperate in the formulation and adoption of Protocols to the Agreement, prescribing agreed measures procedures and standards for the implementation of this Agreement.
Art.24.2 (2) The Contracting Parties at a diplomatic conference, may adopt Protocols to this Agreement.
Art.24.3 (3) The Protocols of this Agreement shall be subject to acceptance and shall enter it force on the thirtieth day after the deposit with the Depositary of the Instrument, )f Acceptance of all the Contracting Parties.
Art.25 ARTICLE 25
Art.25.1 (1) Any Contracting Parties to this Agreement may propose amendments to the Agreement. Amendments shall be adopted by a diplomatic conference which shall be convened at the request of the majority of the Contracting Parties.
Art.25.2 (2) Amendments to this Agreement shall be adopted by a consensus of the Contracting Parties.
Art.25.3 (3) Acceptance of amendments shall be notified to the Depositary in writing and shall enter into force on the thirtieth day following the receipt by the Depositary of notification of the acceptance by all the Contracting Parties.
Art.25.4 (4) After the entry into force of an amendment to this Agreement any new Contracting Party to this Agreement shall become a Contracting Party to this Agreement as amended.
Art.26 ARTICLE 26
Art.26.1 (1) Appendices to this Agreement shall form an integral part of the Agreement;
Art.26.2 (2) Amendments to an Appendix;
Art.26.2.a (a) Any Contracting Party may propose amendments to an appendix at a meeting of the Contracting Parties;
Art.26.2.b (b) Such amendments shall be adopted by a consensus of the Contracting Parties;
Art.26.2.c (c) The Depositary shall without delay communicate the amendment so adopted to all Contracting Parties.
Art.26.3 (3) The adoption and entry into force of a new Appendix to this Agreement shall be subject to the same procedure as for the adoption and entry into force of an amendment to an Appendix as provided for in paragraph (2) of this Article provided that, the new Appendix shall not enter into force until such time as the amendment to the Agreement enters into force.
Art.27 ARTICLE 27
Art.27.1x The Contracting Parties shall adopt rules of procedure for their meetings.
Art.28 ARTICLE 28
Art.28.1x The Contracting Parties shall transmit to the Secretariat reports on the measures adopted in implementation of this Agreement in such form and at such intervals as the meetings of Contracting Parties may determine.
Art.29 ARTICLE 29
Art.29.1x The provisions of this Agreement shall in no way affect the rights and obligations of any Contracting Party with regard to any existing treaty, convention r agreement.
Art.30 ARTICLE 30
Art.30.1x Any dispute between the Contracting Parties arising out of the interpretation of implementation of this Agreement shall be settled amicably by consultation r negotiation.
Art.31 ARTICLE 31
Art.31.1x This Agreement shall be subject to ratification by the Contracting Parties. The Instruments of Ratification shall be deposited with the Secretary- General of the ASEAN Secretariat, who shall assume the functions of Depositary.
Art.32 ARTICLE 32
Art.32.1 (1) After the entry into force of the Agreement, any Member State may accede to this Agreement subject to prior approval by the Contracting Parties to this Agreement.
Art.32.2 (2) Instrument of accession shall be deposited with the Depositary.
Art.33 ARTICLE 33
Art.33.1 (1) This Agreement shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after the deposit of the sixth Instrument of Ratification.
Art.33.2 (2) Thereafter, this Agreement shall enter into force with respect to any Contracting Party on the thirtieth day following the date of deposit of the instrument of accession by that Contracting Party.
Art.34 ARTICLE 34
Art.34.1x The Depositary shall inform the Governments which have signed this Agreement.
Art.34.1x.a (a) of the deposit of instruments of ratification, acceptance or accession;
Art.34.1x.b (b) of the date on which the agreement will come into force.
Art.35 ARTICLE 35
Art.35.1 (1) The present Agreement shall be deposited with the Depositary who shall transmit certified true copies thereof to the Governments of all Contracting Parties which have signed the present Agreement or acceded to it.
Art.35.2 (2) As soon as the present Agreement enters into force, the text shall be transmitted by the Depositary to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for registration and publication, in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations.
Conc.1 IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.
Conc.2 DONE at Kuala Lumpur on this 9th day of July in the year 1985 in a single copy in the English language.