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Paragraphs in "Provisional Understanding Regarding Deep Seabed Matters" coded as DISP

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Art.10 Paragraph 10
Art.10.1x 10. The Parties shall settle any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of this Agreement by appropriate means. The Parties to the dispute shall consider the possibility of recourse to binding arbitration and, if they agree, shall have recourse to it.
Art.14 Paragraph 14
Art.14.1 14. (1) A Party may denounce this Agreement by written notice to all other Parties, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6. Such denunciation shall become effective 180 days-from the date of the latest receipt of such notice.
Art.14.2 (2) A Party may, for good cause related to the implementation of this Agreement, after consultation, serve written notice on another Party that, from a date not less than 90 days thereafter it will cease to give effect to paragraph 1 of this Agreement in respect of such other Party. The rights and obligations of these two Parties towards the other Parties remain unaffected by such notice.
Art.14.3 (3) Subsequent to such notice referred to in subparagraphs (1) and (2) , the Parties concerned shall seek, to the extent-possible, to mitigate adverse effects resulting therefrom.