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Paragraphs in "International Tropical Timber Agreement" coded as SBF

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Art.24 Article 24
Art.24.1 1. The following committees are hereby established as permanent committees of the Organization:
Art.24.1.a (a) Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence;
Art.24.1.b (b) Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management; and
Art.24.1.c (c) Committee on Forest Industry.
Art.24.2 2. The Council may, by special vote, establish such other committees and subsidiary bodies as it deems appropriate and necessary.
Art.24.3 3. The committees and subsidiary bodies referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article shall be responsible to, and work under the general direction of, the Council. Meetings of the committees and subsidiary bodies shall be convened by the Council.
Art.24.4 4. Participation in each of the committees shall be open to all members. The rules of procedure of the Committees shall be decided by the Council.
Art.25 Article 25
Art.25.1 1. The Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence shall:
Art.25.1.a (a) Keep under review the availability and quality of statistics and other information required by the Organization;
Art.25.1.b (b) Analyse the statistical data and specific indicators as identified in annex C for the monitoring of international tropical timber trade;
Art.25.1.c (c) Keep under continuous review the international tropical timber market, its current situation and short-term prospects on the basis of the data mentioned in subparagraph (b) above and other relevant information;
Art.25.1.d (d) Make recommendations to the Council on the need for, and nature of, appropriate studies on tropical timber, including long-term prospects of the international tropical timber market, and monitor and review any studies commissioned by the Council;
Art.25.1.e (e) Carry out any other tasks related to the economic, technical and statistical aspects of tropical timber assigned to it by the Council;
Art.25.1.f (f) Assist in the provision of technical co-operation to producing members to improve their relevant statistical services.
Art.25.2 2. The Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management shall:
Art.25.2.a (a) Keep under regular review the support and assistance being provided at a national and international level for reforestation and forest management for the production of industrial tropical timber;
Art.25.2.b (b) Encourage the increase of technical assistance to national programmes for reforestation and forest management;
Art.25.2.c (c) Assess the requirements and identify all possible sources of financing for reforestation and forest management;
Art.25.2.d (d) Review regularly future needs of international trade in industrial tropical timber and, on this basis, identify and consider appropriate possible schemes and measures in the field of reforestation and forest management;
Art.25.2.e (e) Facilitate transfer of knowledge in the field of reforestation and forest management with the assistance of competent organizations;
Art.25.2.f (f) Co-ordinate and harmonize these activities for co-operation in the field of reforestation and forest management with the relevant activities pursued elsewhere, such as those under FAO, UNEP, the World Bank, regional banks and other competent organizations.
Art.25.3 3. The Committee on Forest Industry shall:
Art.25.3.a (a) Promote co-operation between producing and consuming members as partners in the development of processing activities in producing member countries, inter alia, in the following areas:
Art.25.3.a.i (i) Transfer of technology;
Art.25.3.a.ii (ii) Training;
Art.25.3.a.iii (iii) Standardization of nomenclature of tropical timber;
Art.25.3.a.iv (iv) Harmonization of specifications of processed products;
Art.25.3.a.v (v) Encouragement of investment and joint ventures; and
Art.25.3.a.vi (vi) Marketing;
Art.25.3.b (b) Promote exchange of information in order to facilitate structural changes involved in increased and further processing in the interests of both producing and consuming members;
Art.25.3.c (c) Monitor ongoing activities in this field, and identify and consider problems and possible solutions to them in co-operation with the competent organizations;
Art.25.3.d (d) Encourage the increase of technical assistance to national programmes for the processing of tropical timber.
Art.25.4 4. Research and development shall be a common function of the committees established under article 24, paragraph 1.
Art.25.5 5. In view of the close relationship between research and development, reforestation and forest management, increased and further processing, and market intelligence, each of the permanent committees, in addition to carrying out the functions assigned to it above, shall, with regard to project proposals referred to it, including those on research and development in its area of competence:
Art.25.5.a (a) Consider and technically appraise and evaluate project proposals;
Art.25.5.b (b) In accordance with general guidelines established by the Council, decide on and implement pre-project activities necessary for making recommendations on project proposals to the Council;
Art.25.5.c (c) Identify possible sources of finance for projects referred to in article 20, paragraph 2;
Art.25.5.d (d) Follow up the implementation of projects and provide for the collection and dissemination of the results of projects as widely as possible for the benefit of all members;
Art.25.5.e (e) Make recommendations to the Council relating to projects;
Art.25.5.f (f) Carry out any other tasks related to projects assigned to it by the Council.
Art.25.6 6. In carrying out these common functions, each committee shall take into account the need to strengthen the training of personnel in producing member countries; to consider and propose modalities for organizing or strengthening the research and development activities and capacities of members, particularly producing members; and to promote the transfer of research know-how and techniques among members, particularly among producing members.