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Paragraphs in "Constitutional Agreement Of The Latin American Organization For Fisheries Development" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 The Latin American States duly represented at the meeting convened to establish the Latin American Organization for Fisheries Development;
Pre.2 Considering that, the Action Committee of Sea and Freshwater Products was set up for the purpose of exercising the sovereign rights of each of the Latin American States in order to exploit and properly use their fishery resources, and that establishment is based on the principles of equality, sovereignty, independence of States, non-intervention in domestic affairs and mutual respect among Member States given the importance of Fisheries in the economies of these countries and the nourishing of their people;
Pre.3 That, it is necessary to encourage the correct use and protection of fishery resources within its maritime jurisdiction zones of each State whilst preserving the marine and freshwater environment and applying rational conservation policies for the same which entails mutual cooperation and the development of joint programs;
Pre.4 That, such an organization harmonizes with the principles stated in the Charter Economic Rights and Duties of States and the Declaration for the Establishment a New International Economic Order as well as in other declarations adopted at Conferences held at the initiative of the developing countries;
Pre.5 That the Panama Constitutional Convention of SELA maintains as one of its principles to support multilateral efforts of regional cooperation, and sets up the Action Committee as temporary operational instruments;
Pre.6 That, SELA Latin American Council through its Resolution No. 13 established the Action Committee of Sea and Freshwater Products and because of the endeavours of member States significant progress has been made in the field of regional cooperation in Fisheries; and taking into account the success of the Action Committee which made possible the holding of an Annual Ministers' Meeting on Fisheries and that the Action Committee's Meetings and the I and II Ministers' Conference have adopted important agreements convinced of the need to strengthen regional cooperation through the creation of a Permanent Mechanism of Regional Cooperation in view of the proximity of expiration of the Committee, whose incorporation Agreement was subscribed on October 17, 1977;
Pre.7 That Resolutions 7, 65 and 92, the SELA Latin American Council, after evaluating the results obtained by the Action Committee, recommends the prompt creation of a Permanent Organism of Regional Cooperation on Fisheries;
Pre.8 That, the Resolution approved at the Second Ministers' Meeting held in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on October, 1981, agreed to constitute the Latin American Organization for Fisheries Development as a permanent organism of regional cooperation;
Pre.9 That, a closer cooperation and coordination among Latin American countries should contribute to the attainment of greater economic and social benefits and a better use of the fishery resources by its peoples;
Pre.10 Taking note of the recent adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and acknowledging the important contribution of Latin American States to the progressive development of the international law of the Sea and notwithstanding the different position of Latin American States on the adoption of that Convention;
Pre.11 Recognizing the urgent need to create a permanent mechanism of regional cooperation within the Latin American Fisheries Sector;
Pre.12 Decide to subscribe to the following Constitutional Agreement of the Latin American Organization for Fisheries Development.