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Paragraphs in "Constitutional Agreement Of The Latin American Organization For Fisheries Development" coded as GOAL

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Art.4 Article 4 - OBJECTIVES
Art.4.1x The main purpose of the Organization is to meet Latin American food requirements adequately, making use of Latin American fishery resource potential for the benefit of Latin American peoples, by concerted action in promoting the constant development of the countries and the permanent strengthening of regional cooperation in this sector. To this end, the objectives of OLDEPESCA are as follows:
Art.4.1x.a a. To promote adequate utilization of fishery resources, preserving the marine and freshwater environment through the application of rational policies for the conservation of resources.
Art.4.1x.b b. To encourage and strengthen the Latin American cooperation in the development of the rational exploitation of sea and freshwater fishery resources, for the benefit of the peoples in the region.
Art.4.1x.c c. To increase substantially a food supply of sufficient nutritional value, the prices, preparation and presentation of which are in keeping with the needs of the low-income inhabitants of the region.
Art.4.1x.d d. To increase in the same manner, consumption of marine and freshwater products in the region.
Art.4.1x.e e. To encourage, similarly, export diversification and expansion.
Art.4.1x.f f. To promote marketing systems to expand the regional exchange of products of the sector.
Art.4.1x.g g. To promote generation of jobs and improvement of incomes, through greater social and economic development of the communities related to the fish of the region.
Art.4.1x.h h. To improve and strengthen the productive, institutional, organizational and human resources capacity of the sector.
Art.4.1x.i i. To promote and organize utilization of the joint negotiating capacity of the Latin American region, as well as to determine, identify and channel international, technical and financial cooperation, through concrete regional coordination and cooperation within the scope of the sector.