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Paragraphs in "Constitutional Agreement Of The Latin American Organization For Fisheries Development" coded as INFO

Label Provision
Art.5.1x.f f. Training.
Art.7.1x The member countries undertake to carry out the decisions expressed in resolutions issuing from the competent organs of OLDEPESCA. Similarly, they undertake to create and strengthen the necessary mechanisms to put into practice the objectives set out in this instrument. They also undertake to prepare and furnish statistical data and information required by OLDEPESCA to achieve its goals and to appoint the competent national agency to coordinate its activities.
Art.21.1x.i i. To draft and submit for consideration to the Board the financial reports of OLDEPESCA.
Art.21.1x.p p. To appoint or remove the Assistant Executive Director informing the Governing Board and the Conference of Ministers so the latter may pronounce on it.
Art.24.1x The Conference of Ministers may on its own initiative or at the proposal of the Governing Board set up such technical committees and systems of operation as may be thought necessary for the formulation and execution of specific projects. The Technical Committees shall be composed of representatives of the Countries participating in the respective projects. The periods of operation of such shall not continue longer than the life of the project being carried out. The Committees shall report their activities to the Executive Director and he, in turn to the Governing Board. The Executive Management Board shall actin in the execution of the different projects.
Art.28.1x At the end of each fiscal year, an external auditor shall examine the accounting books and registers of OLDEPESCA and shall submit to the Governing Board the corresponding financial reports which the Board in turn shall submit for consideration to the Conference. This external auditor shall have access to OLDEPESCA’s accounting and shall submit the reports he may deem pertinent or which may be requested.