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Paragraphs in "Constitutional Agreement Of The Latin American Organization For Fisheries Development" coded as REVW

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Art.11 Article 11 - POWERS
Art.11.1x The Conference of Ministers, as the Organization’s supreme Authority, has the following powers:
Art.11.1x.a a. To formulate the general policy of the Organization and to adopt the measures required o achieve its objectives, in accordance with the present Agreement.
Art.11.1x.b b. To consider and evaluate the operation of the Organization.
Art.11.1x.c c. Approve any amendments to the Agreement in accordance with Article 35.
Art.11.1x.d d. To review, modify or supplement the fields of cooperation within the region as established in Article 5 of this Agreement.
Art.11.1x.e e. To appoint and dismiss the Executive Director and the Assistant Executive Director.
Art.11.1x.f f. To approve, amend or reject, as may be the case, the reports and proposals of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.
Art.11.1x.g g. To select a country other than the host country to hold a regular or special meeting whenever it is deemed convenient.
Art.11.1x.h h. To give instructions to the Executive Management Board.
Art.11.1x.i i. To establish a system of initial contributions and annual dues and any amendment thereof in accordance with the needs of OLDEPESCA.
Art.11.1x.j j. To approve the Program of Activities and the budget of OLDEPESCA.
Art.11.1x.k k. To study and approve the Annual Report submitted by the Executive Director.
Art.11.1x.l l. To approve the creation of Technical Committees or other systems of cooperation.
Art.11.1x.m m. To approve in the First Regular Meeting the Regulations of the Organization to be made by the Executive Director and to amend them when it is deemed convenient.
Art.11.1x.n n. To consider and decide on any other matter pertaining to the Organization.
Art.16 Article 16 - POWERS
Art.16.1x The Governing Board shall formulate, analyze, revise, propose and recommend to the Conference all those provisions necessary for the application of this Agreement and achievement of its objectives. To this end, the Governing Board has the following powers:
Art.16.1x.a a. To make recommendations to the Conference of Ministers for the fastest development of the sector, bearing in mind the food requirements of the people, the needs of the workers and entrepreneurs, and the need to attain an adequate level in the utilization of resources. In this sense, it shall make recommendations on the following matters:
Art.16.1x.a.1 1. The general policy of the Organization.
Art.16.1x.a.2 2. Revision, amendment or supplementing of the regional cooperation areas established in Article 5 of this Agreement.
Art.16.1x.a.3 3. The reports and proposals of the Executive Director.
Art.16.1x.a.4 4. The Program of Activities, Budget of the Organization and External Audit.
Art.16.1x.a.5 5. The creation of Technical Committees or other systems of cooperation.
Art.16.1x.a.6 6. The evaluation of the operation of the Organization.
Art.16.1x.a.7 7. Other matters pertaining to the Organization.
Art.16.1x.b b. To consider and to propose to the Conference of Ministers the amendments to the Agreement, and Regulations made hereunder directed to strengthen the Organization and to improve its operation.
Art.16.1x.c c. To select the external auditor considering the proposals of the Executive Director.