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Paragraphs in "Benelux Convention On Nature Conservation And Landscape Protection" coded as DEFN

Label Provision
Art.1 Article I
Art.1.1 1. The purpose of this Convention is to regulate concerted action and co-operation among the three Governments in the field of conservation, management and rehabilitation of the natural environment and landscapes.
Art.1.2 2. For the purposes of this Convention, these terms shall have the following meaning:
Art.1.2.ax natural environment: the physical surroundings of man, including a-biotic (non-living) elements such as rocks, water and the atmosphere and biotic (living) elements embracing natural and semi-natural biocenoses including plants and animals in the wild states;
Art.1.2.bx natural area: an area in which the biocenoses are not, are no longer, or are only slightly influenced by human action, except where such action is intended to preserve or develop these biocenoses;
Art.1.2.cx landscape: a tangible part of the earth defined by the relation and interaction of various factors: soil, relief, water, climate, flora, fauna and man. Within a specified landscape unit, these phenomena give rise to a pattern resulting from the combination of natural, cultural, historical, functional and visual aspects. The landscape may be considered as a reflection of the attitude of the community to its natural environment and the way in which it acts on this environment;
Art.1.2.dx conservation, management and rehabilitation: passive or active measures intended to preserve or develop biological, cultural, historical and aesthetic values;
Art.1.2.ex transboundary park or area: a park or area lying across an intra-Benelux border.