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Paragraphs in "Benelux Convention On Nature Conservation And Landscape Protection" coded as INFO

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Art.2.2 2. information exchange and concerted action on new measures and new developments to align or coordinate the policies of each of the three countries with regard to transboundary natural areas and landscapes of value;
Art.2.3 3. organization of co-ordinated information and education campaigns;
Art.2.4 4. exchange of scientific data and, as appropriate, the conduct of joint research;
Art.4.1x To achieve the objectives set forth in articles 2 and 3, the Committee of Ministers of the Benelux Economic Union shall take decisions, in conformity with article 18 of the Treaty for the Union and taking into account the particular circumstances of each country or part of a country. Such decisions shall be binding on the three Governments and shall be published in each of the three States in the form laid down for the publication of treaties.
Art.7.2 2. In the cases of emergency, however, and as long as there is no prejudice to the objectives of this Convention, each of the Governments may adopt and apply measures that depart from the provisions of this Convention, over a maximum period of three months, pending decision by the Committee of Ministers. The other Governments shall be informed of such provisional departure from this Convention through the Secretary-General of the Benelux Economic Union.