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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Conservation Of Salmon In The North Atlantic Ocean" coded as SECF

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Art.12 ARTICLE 12
Art.12.1 1. The Council shall appoint a Secretary, who shall be the chief administrative officer of the Organization.
Art.12.2 2. The functions of the Secretary shall be:
Art.12.2.a (a) to provide administrative services to the Organization;
Art.12.2.b (b) to compile and disseminate statistics and reports concerning the salmon stocks subject to this Convention; and
Art.12.2.c (c) to perform such functions as follow from other provisions of this Convention or as the Council may determine.
Art.12.3 3. The Council shall determine the conditions of employment of the Secretary and staff.
Art.12.4 4. The Secretary shall appoint the staff in accordance with staffing requirements approved by the Council. The staff shall be responsible to the Secretary, subject to the general supervision of the Council.
Art.13 ARTICLE 13
Art.13.1 1. The Secretary shall, without undue delay, notify the members of a Commission of any regulatory measure proposed by that Commission.
Art.13.2 2. Subject to paragraph 3, a regulatory measure proposed by a Commission under article 7, paragraph 1( b) or (c), or article 8, subparagraph (b), shall become binding on its members 60 days after the date specified in the Secretary's notification or, if a later date is determined by the Commission, on such date.
Art.13.3 3. Any member in whose area of fisheries jurisdiction a regulatory measure would apply may, within 60 days of the date specified in the Secretary's notification, lodge an objection to it. In this case the regulatory measure shall not become binding on any member. A member which has lodged an objection may at any time withdraw it. Thirty days after all objections are withdrawn the regulatory measure shall become binding, subject to paragraph 2.
Art.13.4 4. After the expiration of one year from the date on which a regulatory measure becomes binding, any member in whose area of fisheries jurisdiction the regulatory measure applies may denounce it by written notice to the Secretary. The Secretary shall immediately inform the other members of such denunciation. The regulatory measure shall cease to be binding on all members 60 days after the date of receipt by the Secretary of the notice of denunciation or, if a later date is indicated by the member, on such date.
Art.13.5 5. A Commission may propose an emergency regulatory measure having effect prior to the expiration of the 60-day period referred to in paragraph 2. The members shall make best efforts to implement the measure, unless there is an objection by a member within 30 days after the Commission has proposed it.
Art.16 ARTICLE 16
Art.16.1 1. The Council shall adopt an annual budget for the Organization. The Secretary shall transmit a draft budget to the Parties, together with a schedule of contributions, not later than 60 days before the meeting of the Council at which the budget is to be considered.
Art.16.2 2. The Council shall determine the annual contribution of each Party according to the following formula:
Art.16.2.a (a) 30% of the budget shall be divided equally among the Parties; and
Art.16.2.b (b) 70% of the budget shall be divided among the Parties in proportion to their nominal catches of salmon subject to this Convention in the calendar year ending not more than 18 months and not less than 6 months before the beginning of the financial year.
Art.16.3 3. The Secretary shall notify each Party of its contribution. Contributions shall be paid not later than four months after the date of such notification.
Art.16.4 4. Contributions shall be payable in the currency of the State in which the office of the Organization is located, unless the Council decides otherwise.
Art.16.5 5. The contribution of a Party for which this Convention has entered into force during the course of a financial year shall for that year be a part of the annual contribution proportional to the number of complete months remaining in the year from the date of entry into force for that Party.
Art.16.6 6. A Party which has not paid its contributions for two consecutive years shall not be entitled to vote under this Convention until it has fulfilled its obligations, unless the Council decides otherwise.
Art.16.7 7. The financial affairs of the Organization shall be audited annually by external auditors to be selected by the Council.
Art.19 ARTICLE 19
Art.19.1 1. Any Party may propose amendments to this Convention to be considered by the Council. A proposed amendment shall be sent to the Secretary not later than 90 days before the meeting at which it is proposed to be considered. The Secretary shall immediately transmit the proposed amendment to the Parties.
Art.19.2 2. The adoption of an amendment by the Council shall require the unanimous vote of the Parties present and casting an affirmative or negative vote. The text of an amendment so adopted shall be transmitted by the Secretary to the Depositary which shall immediately notify the Parties thereof.
Art.19.3 3. An amendment shall enter into force for all Parties 30 days after the date specified in the notification by the Depositary of receipt from all Parties of instruments of ratification or approval.
Art.19.4 4. A Party which becomes bound by this Convention after an amendment has entered into force in accordance with paragraph 3 shall be considered as a Party to the Convention as amended.
Art.19.5 5. The Depositary shall immediately notify all Parties of the receipt of instruments of ratification or approval l and the entry into force of amendments.