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Paragraphs in "Regional Convention For The Conservation Of The Red Sea And Gulf Of Aden Environment" coded as SECF

Label Provision
Art.19.1 1. The Secretary General shall head the General Secretariat and perform the functions necessary for the management of the Convention and its protocols, annexes, the action plan and the work of the General Secretariat;
Art.19.2 2. The General Secretariat shall have the duties and powers necessary to achieve the purposes of this Convention and its protocols and to execute the action plan, according to decisions of the Council, and in particular:
Art.19.2.a (a) To prepare for and convene the meetings of the Council and its subsidiary bodies and ad hoc working groups;
Art.19.2.b (b) To transmit to the Contracting Parties notifications, reports and other information received;
Art.19.2.c (c) To consider inquiries by, and information from, the Contracting Parties and to consult with them on questions relating to this Convention and its protocols, annexes and the action plan;
Art.19.2.d (d) To prepare and submit reports on matters relating to this Convention, its protocols, annexes and the action plan or relating to the administration of the Organization;
Art.19.2.e (e) To establish, maintain and disseminate an up-to-date collection of national laws concerning the conservation of the marine environment of all Contracting Parties;
Art.19.2.f (f) To provide technical assistance and advice for the drafting of appropriate national legislation for the effective implementation of this Convention and its protocols;
Art.19.2.g (g) To organize and co-ordinate training programmes in areas related to the implementation of this Convention, its protocols and the action plan;
Art.19.2.h (h) To perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Council for the implementation of this Convention, its protocols and the action plan.
Art.29.1 1. The Depositary shall receive instruments of ratification of this Convention and its protocols.
Art.29.2 2. The Depositary shall call the first meeting of the Council when this Convention enters into force after ratification by four Contracting Parties.
Art.29.3 3. After the first meeting of the Council the General Secretariat shall assume all technical and administrative responsibilities and duties. The original of this Convention, of any protocol thereto, of any annex to the Convention or to a protocol, or of any amendment to this Convention, to a protocol or to an annex of the Convention or of a protocol shall be deposited with the Depositary, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which shall send certified copies thereof to the Contracting Parties and shall also deposit certified copies of the Convention, its protocols and annexes with the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in accordance with article 17 of the Arab League Charter and with the Secretary-General of the United Nations in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations.