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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Regional Cooperation In Combating Pollution Of The Southeast Pacific By Oil And Other Harmful Substances In Cases Of Emergency" coded as AMND

Label Provision
Art.12 Article Xll
Art.12.1x The High Contracting Parties shall hold ordinary sessions at least every two years and extraordinary sessions at any time whenever two or more of them so request.
Art.12.3x The ordinary sessions shall be held at the same time as those of the Co-ordinating Commission for Scientific Research of the Permanent Commission of the South Pacific, or its Legal Commission.
Art.12.4x At ordinary sessions, the High Contracting Parties shall examine, inter alia, the following points:
Art.12.4x.a (a) The extent to which this Agreement is being implemented, the effectiveness of the measures taken and the need to develop other kinds of activities;
Art.12.4x.b (b) The advisability of amending or revising the annex to this Agreement, and of modifying or expanding any resolutions adopted in pursuance thereof; and
Art.12.4x.c (c) The performance of any other function which may assist in achieving the purposes of this Agreement.
Art.16 Article XVI
Art.16.1x This Agreement may be amended only with the unanimous agreement of the High Contracting Parties. Amendments shall be subject to ratification and shall enter into force once the third instrument of ratification has been deposited with the Executive Secretariat.